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5104 Reagan Drive, Suite 12
Charlotte NC 28206

T: (704) 335-0100

E: info@mecked.org

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Get Involved!

Please fill out the form below to contact us or indicate how you would like to get involved with MeckEd. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Life Navigator: Someone who is willing to edit a college essay, resume, do a mock interview, or just have a conversation with a student about their future!

  • Business Partner: A business partner may host a site tour of your physical space, be a guest speaker at a school, host a workshop on a specific skill, or provide a student with a "job shadow" experience.

  • Internship Provider: Provide an internship (typically 6-8 weeks) that offers a valuable hands-on learning experience. 

  • Donor: Financially support MeckEd through a tax-deductible donation.