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About Us

About MeckEd

There has never been a greater need for an independent organization in Mecklenburg County, NC to empower civic leaders, elected officials, parents, students, school and district leaders, and state policymakers with the information necessary to make responsible decisions.


MeckEd has proven itself as a reliable vehicle for surfacing and validating a range of voices and opinions. MeckEd effectively inserts itself as an independent broker to ensure that parent input informs district decisions.

Our Mission

To ensure that ALL students in Mecklenburg County have access to the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to lead productive, successful lives. 

What we do


  • ENGAGE | MeckEd engages community partners, business and industry leaders, and education stakeholders to provide a range of enrichment experiences, internships, financial, and navigational supports, both in and outside of the traditional school day, in order to help clear a path to a bright future for all children. 

  • CONNECT | MeckEd connects students to people, organizations, businesses, industries, technical and certification programs, and post-secondary educational opportunities, through MeckEd’s Career Pathways and Charlotte NEXT programs in order to provide ALL young people with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to thrive. 

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