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The Challenge

Experiences matter in life. It is through meaningful engagement in an array of rich, meaningful experiences that young people build social capital, expand their world view, and grow into interesting and interested adults whose lives are rich with possibility. MeckEd envisions a future where all young people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and experiences to thrive. Charlotte NEXT, a program of MeckEd, is committed to ensuring that all middle school students have access to high quality Out of School Time (OST) experiences. 

Why Middle School?
The middle grades are often overlooked in terms of programs and services. No matter how successful our community is in having all children reading on grade level by age nine, what happens to them in middle school will contribute significantly to their long-term success. More and better learning time will give our young people a “leg up” as they navigate the challenging pre-high school years.

Why After School?
Between 3pm and 6pm is a critically important time in a young person’s life. The more adults who care about them and their future and provide quality programs that engage them in meaningful, productive, and healthy ways, the more we increase the probability of success in high school and beyond.

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Our Solution


The Locator is an online tool that helps to connect children and families to Expanded Learning Time and Mentoring programs for young people and their families.


Charlotte NEXT provides School Partnership grants to support the quality and growth of after school and summer programs serving Charlotte-Mecklenburg School's middle school students. 


MeckEd offers professional development opportunities to our partners. Our professional development sessions offer opportunities for program assessment feedback and coaching.

Our Impact

Words cannot express our gratitude to you and your organization. This grant will allow our children to participate fully to our programs and outdoor activities as planned. On behalf of them, Thank you so much for the grant and we are looking forward to working with you.

- Happy Akuwa Gbodzo, Transformation Educational Services

I am always wanting to grow as a nonprofit professional, so I love attending trainings. Also, the topics were relevant and the incentives were great.


- Kim Roseboro, Firm Foundations

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