Our Growth: Past & Present


MeckEd has evolved through four major transformations.  Initially the organization, like its national counterparts, provided support to the public school districts, particularly for teachers. 

  • Founded in 1991, MeckEd, was known as The Charlotte Mecklenburg Education Fund.

  • In 2001, MeckEd was known as Charlotte Advocates for Education. 

  • In 2005, Charlotte Advocates for Education was rebranded as Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education. 

  • The organization officially changed its name to MeckEd on January 1, 2013. 


Evolving Strategy | Adaptive Tactics

Since MeckEd’s early days in 1991, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools have been led by 10 superintendents, the City of Charlotte by eight Mayors, and the State of North Carolina by six Governors.  Since 1991 there have been 14 major shifts in national education policy and over 76 specific education movements, including the creation and proliferation of charter schools and standardized testing.


All successful nonprofits, businesses, and/or industries are adaptive to rapidly changing conditions and responsive to emerging challenges and opportunities. 


Like its partner organizations in cities all across the country, MeckEd’s mission to ensure an excellent education and access to opportunity for all public-school students transcends election cycles and superintendent contracts. MeckEd provides historical context and stability while simultaneously remaining nimble and responsive to research-based reforms and community needs and concerns.





MeckEd is fiercely committed to ensuring that ALL young people, particularly those who face obstacles, have the knowledge, skills and experiences to thrive.

We exist to ensure access to opportunity, and the financial and navigational support to make the most of those opportunities. We seek resources to run programs like Career Pathways and Charlotte NEXT in order to provide the skills and experiences they need to live meaningful and productive lives. We provide information to parents and policymakers to increase their capacity to make effective decisions.   That’s what we do. Why? Because everyone deserves a fair shot at a bright future. 

Did you know that MeckEd received Mecklenburg County’s 2019 Rising Star Award for our exceptional commitment to diversity and community development?

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