Success Stories – Ja’bria Ellis

Jabria Ellis

Ja’bria Ellis joined MeckEd her senior year. She had two beautiful twin girls the summer of her junior year. Jabria stated that she wanted to gain career options when she considered the invitation to accept becoming a part of the MeckEd team. Jabria took to the ground running-she stayed in close contact with her advisor and became a very successful participant in the program.

The director of MeckEd, Anisa Henry, invited Jabria and her mom to dinner to celebrate Jabria’s senior graduation. She was happy that her twin daughters were there to see her graduate, but as her babies continued to grow, she wanted them to see her advance. “I wanted to succeed for my girls, for my brothers and sisters, and for my family.” It was enough reason for Jabria to decide to pick the dental field as an area of interest. “Every since I have had my braces I have always been interested in teeth,” said Jabria. Jabria signed up for the Dental Assistant Occupational Course of Study, and the work- experience prep begin.

In the spirit of MeckEd-celebrating our students in the big and the small. It was once again time to celebrate Jabria’s decision. Ms. Douglas picked up and delivered Jabria’s textbooks to her home. Her mom was happy to receive them. “I am glad this is happening for my child.” said Jabria’s mom. A few days later Ms. Douglas picked up Jabria to go to the uniform store. It was time to purchase her scrubs. She received two pairs of scrubs. She tried on her nursing clogs to see which would feel most comfortable. In Concord Mills Mall, Ms. Douglas saw Ja’bria smile from ear to ear as she walked through the big floor of the store looking through racks.

Ja’bria posed for the camera using the same smile from time to time. After the scrubs were purchased. Jabria spoke about her career path and asked questions such as: ‘What time will the Uber be coming to pick me up?” “Will MeckEd help me if I need more material?” over dinner. Ja’bria admitted that she was afraid because she was unsure of what to expect. Ms. Douglas assured Jabria that she would do just fine at the Dental Institute, in their dental assisting program. Ms. Douglas explained to Ja’bria that not only was she smart, but she already had a winners mindset. Subsequently, Jabria had already read two chapters in her text, just for interest. Ms. Douglas had dropped her textbooks off only one week prior. “I want to be ahead.” said Jabria. After spending two hours of quality time with Ja’bria she was finally ready to step into her classroom totally prepped.

During the time of Jabria’s study MeckEd did so many wonderful things for Jabria. We’d picked up toys, at a toy drive for her babies, so that her babies would have a wonderful Christmas, and it would be one less load off Jabria’s back. MeckEd also helped Ja’bria find an oral surgeon to shadow to complete her certification, all the while celebrating her birthday, buying her a present and making her feel very special. After eleven weeks, Jabria finished her course of studies. Just as MeckEd beleived she would. Although Jabria didn’t speak she was celebrated at the Annual Breakfast and Ja’bria said that she would be happy to interview about the MeckEd program.

“You are one step closer to owning a dream home!” said Ms. Douglas. This was one of Ja’bria’s long term goals, to have a house large enough for everyone to have their own room. As this article is being produced Jabria has had one interview, and she has another interview January 19, 2018… two days from now. Ms. Douglas has already set an appointment for she and Jabria to go shopping for more interview clothes. She is also attending the interview with Jabria, and speaking to the doctor to tell him of the program, as well as the many things that Ja’bria has accomplished. Jabria is most happy about getting away from house-keeping work where she’d worked 50 hours a week. “I don’t want housekeeping to be my life” said Ja’bria. “After you ace this interview, you will have started your career,” said Ms. Douglas.



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