Parents Worry About CMS Budget Cuts

By Marvin Beach and Tim Mullican
Fox Charlotte
March 26, 2011

CHARLOTTE, NC – “This is our future, so we’ve got to make an impact, we’ve got to make a difference,” says Cindy Johnson.

For Johnson and other CMS parents, it’s a rallying cry.

“I would hope this would increase awareness in the community about what’s going on,” she says.

Parents got a chance to express their concerns to those who determine a big part of the district’s funding.

“I think we really need to strategically think smart about what we’re going to do with this and how we’re going to survive in this economy without risking our children and our future,” Johnson says.

Frustrations include the district anticipating up to $100 Million in budget cuts. And hundreds of teachers who could be laid off.

And the district has already made controversial decisions, like closing several schools.

“We know we’re in the midst of the great recession, we know that tax revenues are down, but public education is clearly in everybody’s best interest and having a strong public school system is critical and we have strong schools and we can’t let them slip,” says Meck-Ed Director Bill Anderson.

Anderson says he hopes legislators will hear what parents have to say.

And he hopes they’ll give CMS some flexibility in the way it spends its money.

“But at the end of the day, CMS can’t take a third year of these huge cuts and I think these parents are here to express those feelings and see what our legislature can do,” he says.

Rallying to lend their support, even through tough budget times.


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