Parents urged to get informed, involved in school budget process

By Sarah Gilbert
South Charlotte Weekly

March 3, 2011

Staff members from Charlotte-­Mecklenburg Schools encouraged parents to participate in the budget process and become advocates for their schools at a Saturday, Feb. 26, meeting organized by the Mecklenburg Parent-Teacher Association Council and educational advocacy group MeckEd.

“We must advocate for there to be as few cuts as possible,” Bill Anderson, president of MeckEd, said. “It’s not the Board of Education that makes these decisions, it’s the state representatives and our county commissioners. They need to hear from you.”

Parents from a number of south Charlotte schools attended the meeting in hopes of having their questions answered and learning how to make a difference.

“I’m looking for ways to be more effective as a citizen,” Elyse Dashew, a parent at Smith Academy of International Languages, said. “I came to the meeting because I have budget questions, and I think we all need to learn how we can help and act as advocates for our children.”

Superintendent Peter Gorman began his presentation with an overview of the budget process. Most of the district’s funding comes from three sources: the federal government, the state and the county.

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