MeckEd Weekly Education News-3-18-11

Dear Friends of MeckEd,

This week I want to provide you with a link to a video that MeckEd helped produce. This video is titled, “Understanding the 2011-12 CMS budget”. Our hope is to engage our community with the correct facts and figures as CMS faces a potential shortfall of $100 million in the 2011-12 budget. When you consider the magnitude of these reductions and the $150+ million in cuts during the past two years, this third year of cuts could be catastrophic. I hope you will take a few moments to view the video, leave a comment with your feedback, and then decide how you can “get involved” and advocate to the decision makers at the local and state level. Watch the video here

As a long-time educator, it is very difficult for me to take off my principal and teacher’s hat when I see so many challenges facing our teachers, who are at the core of all great schools. I worry that many in our society do not value the importance of teaching as a career. I am more convinced than ever that in order to improve our public schools, we must do whatever it takes to improve the status of the teaching profession. According to Sam Dillon of the New York Times, the U.S. should raise the status of the teaching profession. Read his article here.

Other countries, such as Korea, Singapore and Finland, recruit only high-performing college graduates and then support them with mentors and higher pay. I am certain we, as a country, have much to learn from other countries, as we struggle to recruit and then retain the best and brightest young teachers for our children in the generations to come.

On the local front, although a physical science course meets state graduation requirements, CMS officials are encouraging students to steer away from physical science and take physics or chemistry courses instead. Only having a physical science credit on students’ transcripts can deter them from getting into a 4-year college, they may be unprepared for college-level work and their future career opportunities could be limited. Read more of the article here.

President Obama continues to stress the importance of finding ways to cut spending without reducing the education budget. President Obama wants to improve the No Child Left Behind Act before the start of the new school year, declaring that our nation is no longer a leader in education. He strongly believes the federal government needs to challenge states to set high academic standards that prepare students for college and their future careers. Read more of the article. The President and his administration have also released a blueprint for education reform that will implement strategies to ensure students’ receive a world-class education, such as making certain outstanding teachers and principals are in every school, providing equal opportunities for all students, rewarding schools that display excellence and promoting innovation.

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Bill Anderson, Ed. D.
Executive Director


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