January 2017 E-Newsletter

MeckEd e-Newsletter

School Choice Applications Now Open until February 14

A Few Facts About School Choice

  • Phase I leads with choice. CMS will offer more school options and magnet seats – a total of 3,630 new seats resulting in a total of 22, 444  choice seats available fall 2017.
  • Phase I focuses on choice options for students and families. The plan expands the number of school choice options and seats, reconfigures transportation zones and reflects an innovative new school options lottery process that will promote socioeconomic diversity in school options and magnet schools.
  • Assignment guarantees remain in place. Sibling and continuation guarantees remain in place. Students currently enrolled in a magnet program are automatically assigned to the next school level within the magnet program.
  • New school lottery priority. Two new lottery priorities increase equitable access.  The socioeconomic status (SES) priority assigns available seats in school options and magnets to achieve the greatest socioeconomic diversity possible.  All enrolled students will be assigned a socio-economic status (SES) priority based on demographic data and self-reported income.  The school performance priority provides increased access for students attending schools designated by the state as low performing for 3 consecutive years



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