Education Champion Award

Sarah Stevenson

Education Advocate and Community Activist

2013 MeckEd Education Champion of the Year

Sarah Stevenson

Sarah Stevenson has been a local resident since 1941. Her children attended public school,and she became passionate about civil rights for all.

Contributions to Education

Stevenson is an advocate for achieving equality through education. She pioneered integrating the local Parent-Teacher Association and later became the local chapter President. Several years later, she became the first African-American woman on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education.

More About Sarah

Stevenson was director of the Community Relations Dispute Settlement program in the 1960s, where she trained area police officers and professionals to mediate issues between local citizens. She also was a leader in organizations such as the National Conference for Christians and Jews (now the Charlotte Coalition for Social Justice) and the Black Political Caucus.

In 1980, Stevenson and other area leaders started the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum to provide African-Americans with an opportunity to discuss issues with elected and appointed officials. Stevenson still moderates the Forum every week at the West Charlotte Recreation Center.

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