Charlotte NEXT Update – 12.14.17

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The Locator

The Locator now has 2700+ views and counting. This represents 700+ new views (approximately 40%) since Q3.

Our partnership with the Mecklenburg County Youth Coalition (MCYC) programs continues to evolve. We’ve received the $6,000 of funds to include their programs on the Locator. We’ve also submitted additional updates and edits to be included that will go live soon.


CMS-MeckEd Partnership

identification of target schools is being facilitated with District input specifically from Dr. Wilcox, Mr. Brian Schultz, and CMS Learning Superintendents. Factors under consideration include existing partnerships, trend data, state performance designations (low performing, recurring low performing, and letter grade) and Learning Community Superintendent feedback.

Charlotte Next Coordinator

The Charlotte Next Coordinator position was developed and posted. MeckEd received and has reviewed over 140 resumes and have narrowed finalists down to 11. Of this group, we plan to interview 8 and expect to finalize the hiring for this position by January 5, 2018.

NextUp and Charlotte Next

On October 10, 2017, we held a community event with NextUp RVA, an OST intermediary from Richmond, VA. Over 20 local stakeholders were present to learn more about Charlotte Next and the success and challenges of NextUp.

IMG_0336National League of Cities (NLC) Panel

On November 18, 2017, MeckEd’s Rashaan Peek joined Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Sally Gambrell of the Gambrell Family Foundation, and Barbara Couto Sipe of NextUp RVA on a panel to discuss the importance of public-private partnerships and afterschool programs. The program and panel received substantial social media attention attracting over 3,000 Twitter Impressions.



Work Session with Providers

On November 30, 2017, we held a work session with 25+ local afterschool program providers to discuss and come to agreement on a common set of quality standards, observation tools, and the 2018-2019 RFP process.

Quality Standards and Rubric Development

The team is working on a rubric for each Quality Standard. The rubric will be used to calibrate inter- rater reliability on the assessment of provider proposals in advance of being applied by a team of reviewers to make recommendations to the Advisory Board regarding who receives funding to provide programing at each of the (soon to be identified) CMS implementation sites.



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