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Your investment will increase the number of students in our Career Pathways intensive he receive workbase learning opportunities to Juniors and Seniors attending Garinger, Harding, Independence, and Vance High School.  We currently have funding to pay for 30 students that attend Garinger, Independence & Vance and 9 students at Harding that live at 70% below the poverty line (Based on the US Department of Labor a family four cannot make over $12,531 a year). This means, if a student’s family of four makes $12,532 a year he/she does not qualify for a paid internship. This is why we need your help. 
$3,000 Support a Career Pathway Internship – Students work 8 weeks, for no more that 32 hours per week at rate of $8-9 p/hour 

Reduce the Digitial DivideReduce the digital divide of the 20 low-income Career Pathway’s Seniors by purchasing laptops for the students attending college.

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