MeckEd’s mission is to support strong public schools by educating, engaging, and impacting our community.

MeckEd is an independent, nonpartisan proponent of excellent public education. We believe all children, regardless of neighborhood or zip code, deserve a quality education to prepare them as contributors in our local and global economies. To fulfill that vision, MeckEd educates, engages and impacts the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community through work that supports strong, vibrant, and successful public schools.

MeckEd was formed through the 2006 merger among four Mecklenburg County education organizations.

We Educate the Community.
MeckEd serves as the only independent nonprofit organization in Mecklenburg County that provides concise, relevant, timely, and objective information about public education. We take positions on issues that affect the quality of public education, based on well-informed research and academic data.

We Engage the Community.
MeckEd encourages sustained community dialogue about critical public education issues. We provide opportunities to connect businesses, parents and policymakers to programs that prioritize public education as a community imperative. Through community conversations, forums and annual signature events, MeckEd strives for meaningful partnerships with the community that yield active and informed participants in our public schools.

We Impact the Community.
MeckEd pursues programs that positively impact students, teachers, and families in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Our Career Pathways Program connects students with local business partners to explore pathways for 21st Century careers by leveraging internships, apprenticeships and workplace learning opportunities. MeckEd also pursues policy decisions that yield strong public schools.