Our Role & Contributions

Mission: To ensure that all children in Mecklenburg County have access to an excellent public education that results in the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to lead productive, successful lives.

Core Beliefs: 

  • All children, regardless of neighborhood, zip code, income, or circumstances deserve access to an excellent public education.
  • Educating our children is everyone’s responsibility. We are all accountable. We sink or swim together.
  • An informed and engaged citizenry will drive the selection and the decisions of policy makers, political, school, and district leaders.

MeckEd has two strategic focus areas:

  1. Workforce Development
    MeckEd seeks to ensure that graduates have the skills and experiences to lead productive and
    useful lives.
  2. Advocacy
    MeckEd seeks to ensure that all education stakeholders have the information they need to make good choices on behalf of our children and their education.

The Role of MeckEd

There has never been a greater need for an independent, credible organization in Mecklenburg County, NC to empower civic leaders, elected officials, parents, students, school and district leaders, and state policymakers with the information necessary to make responsible decisions.

MeckEd has proven itself as a reliable vehicle for surfacing and validating a range of voices and opinions. MeckEd effectively inserts itself as an independent broker to ensure that parent input informs district decisions.

MeckEd in 2017:  Key Contributions

MeckEd’s key contributions to education improvement efforts in Charlotte-Mecklenburg in 2017 will be to:

  • Serve as a neutral convener and a credible source of data, specifically in relationship to the search for a new superintendent of schools;
  • Elevate and expand the level and degree of civic discourse;
  • Support system(s) interventions in education informed by input from diverse stakeholders;
  • Provide an array of workforce development experiences to expand career and college options for high school graduates