February 29th e-Newsletter

In this week’s e-Newsletter, read about N.C.’s ranking in regard to per pupil expenditures, one district’s evaluation system that brings independent observers into the classroom, highlights from last night’s school board meeting and a New ‘For Your Consideration’.

Dropout-age Debate Secondary to What Matters Most

Far more important than requiring students by law to stay in school is ensuring that school is a place they want to be, and helping young people understand that education is something they need. Schools must be engaging and challenging at the same time that they are supportive and personalized.

February 15th e-Newsletter

In this week’s e-Newsletter, read about two groups who want to break up CMS into smaller districts, the education gap between the rich and poor and a new For Your Consideration about why complete community involvement is needed to improve public schools.

Public Engagement and Education Excellence

As a people, we recognize the economic value of education, but we under-invest in our schools, both financially and in terms of civic capital. With America’s students and schools facing unprecedented needs, and education budgets under enormous pressure, it is time to drastically ramp up civic investment in public education.